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Image of Signature Steel - DSS3

Signature Steel - DSS3

It’s a freezing Sunday morning, the dog’s curled up in the basket pretending to be asleep, trying to avoid the morning walk, your kit bags are packed and are waiting by the front door from the evening before. Did you dial you’re bike just right? Have you had the right breakfast? Should you have put the spikes on? You’re anxious and excited. It’s any winter Sunday, CX race day.

Designed with the UK cross season and the needs of a racer in mind, the DSS3 is a thoroughbred CX offering that pushes the boundaries of what is achievable in steel. Giving you the confidence and ride quality only a finely crafted steel machine can, the DSS3 is designed to be pushed hard right out the other side of your comfort zone.

Available in two "tunes", the CX and Gravel tune. The Gravel tune takes the DSS3's hardiness as a CX racer and delivers it with geometry finely tuned for fast gravel riding and bike packing. Longer wheelbase, tweaked front end geometry and a lower bottom bracket lets you have all the features of the DSS3 in a package designed for long days in the saddle.

Whether its racing in you local cross race, a hard thrash on a frosty morning before work, or a long, hot and dusty 160km over testing Moroccan gravel, the DSS3 will be right there smoothing the trail and carving the turns.

For all the info' go to the DSS3 page here.




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